With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous development of society, enterprises are facing an increasingly fierce competitive environment. How to retain excellent employees, stimulate their potential, and cultivate more talents has become an indispensable and important link in the development process of enterprises. The talent development manager, as a key role in the enterprise, bears the important responsibility of providing talent support to the enterprise and promoting its long-term development.

The responsibilities of a talent development manager mainly include talent recruitment, employee training, and organizational development planning. Firstly, recruiting and retaining excellent employees is the foundation for the healthy development of enterprises. Talent development managers need to find suitable talents from the talent market, develop recruitment plans based on the needs of the enterprise, conduct preliminary screening through interviews and probationary periods, and encourage employees to participate in the construction of corporate culture, improve employee job satisfaction and loyalty, and reduce employee turnover.

Secondly, employee training is also one of the key responsibilities of talent development managers. Employee training can not only improve employees' skill levels and promote their career development, but also enhance their sense of organizational identity and teamwork ability. Therefore, talent development managers need to develop and implement comprehensive employee training plans, including new employee training, career development training, and leadership training, to provide strong support for employee growth.

Finally, organizational development planning is also one of the responsibilities of talent development managers. According to the strategic development plan of the enterprise, talent development managers need to formulate corresponding talent introduction and training plans to build a highly competitive talent team. Talent development managers also need to work closely with senior management to develop long-term organizational development plans for the enterprise, and are committed to building a corporate culture atmosphere, establishing a good work atmosphere and teamwork spirit, and creating a strong brand image for the enterprise.