Yikun Manufacturing Helps Wenzhou Rail Transit

At 12:00 on August 26, 2023, the entire line of Wenzhou Rail Transit S2 was officially put into operation with passengers. At this point, Wenzhou has ushered in the era of rail transit network operation. The S2 line starts from Rui'an Dongshan Station in the south, crosses the Rui'an Binhai New Area, passes through Wenzhou Airport, and ends at Leqing Qingdong Road Station in the north. It is not only a "transportation line" but also an "industrial line". As an important public transportation corridor connecting the two districts and cities of Wenzhou in a north-south direction, S2 Line connects multiple important coastal industrial clusters such as Yueqing Economic Development Zone, Wenzhou Marine Economic Demonstration Zone, Wenzhou Bay New Area, and Rui'an Economic Development Zone. Through this public transportation corridor, the spatial boundaries between cities and towns have been broken, providing important support for Wenzhou to reshape its urban spatial form, build a new urban development pattern of "one axis, one belt, and one zone", and implement the development strategy of "embracing the river and facing the sea".

As a local enterprise in Wenzhou and a well-known manufacturer of overvoltage protection equipment products in the rail transit industry, Yikun Company has successfully applied its roof surge arrester (YH10WT-42/105) and overhead contact line surge arrester (YH10WT-42/120) products on the S1 and S2 lines of Wenzhou rail transit to protect power transmission and transformation equipment such as high-speed trains and overhead contact lines from atmospheric overvoltage and operational overvoltage, ensuring the smooth operation of locomotives and overhead contact line systems.

Contact network construction site

Indoor construction of signal equipment

 Since the opening of Wenzhou Rail Transit Line S1 in 2019, Yikun Company's lightning arrester products have been serving the vehicles and contact lines of the line. In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "specialization, trustworthiness, and responsibility", focusing on product quality and research and development, to ensure the continuous safe operation of high-speed trains, high-speed trains, and other vehicles, and to contribute to the construction of the Wenzhou metropolitan area. (Some of the figures/articles in this article are reproduced from the network.)